Special OxyGeneo 3-in-1 Super Facial

Estheticians know that new technologies are regularly introduced, all with promises of great results but few have the science to back it up. I was pleasantly surprised by OxyGeneo’s approach to treating skin care issues like acne, hyperpigmentation and sign of aging, and I’m now very excited to offer this service in Ahwatukee!

OxyGeneo is an innovative skin care treatment that provides the most important aspects of a professional facial treatment: exfoliation of dead, dull skin cells to allow for better product penetration, an immediate infusion of nutrients to the skin, and oxygenation.

During your treatment, an ampule of nutrient rich gel (selected based on your skin’s needs) will be applied to your skin, neck, and décolleté (chest) areas.  A brand new and sterile capsugen will be attached to the OxyGeneo machine’s wand.


Oxygeneo improves upon the popular microdermabrasion treatment by using a vibrating motion to break up dead skin cells preparing the skin to receive active nutrients.


The vibrating motion also maneuvers the active ingredients in the nutrient rich gel deep into the skin.


The capsugen interacts with the gel to create carbon dioxide bubbles which encourages the body to send oxygen -rich blood to the surface of the skin.

The Oxygeneo facial is safe for all skin types as it can be adjusted to suit your skin’s needs. Unlike microdermabrasion, there is no vacuum and the treatment can be used on more areas of the face and neck (including closer to the eyes). One very impressive aspect of Oxygeneo results is that it does not peak the day you receive your treatment – so this is the perfect facial treatment to receive in the 1-3 days before a big event.

As an introductory offer, you’ll be able to purchase a package of three OxyGeneo treatments for only $299 – that’s a savings of 20%! Purchase your package here, or schedule online! Call or text with any questions.

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