Acne! How do I deal?


For some of us, the word makes us shudder.

When discussing with adult clients what acne is and what their breakouts are about, I actually avoid the word!

Yes, pimples can indicate acne. Acne occurs when a hair follicle is clogged with the oil that pores produce to lubricate our skin. That hair follicle becomes inflamed, or infected. As we know, our white blood cells are what fight infection in our body – so, they gather at the site of the infection, forming what we commonly call “pus.”

Almost all teens will encounter acne at some point. The oil production in our skin is heavily affected by hormone fluctuations, every teen’s plight. What makes it worse? Stress! Which, of course, is the natural response. For teens, it can often be a good idea to reach for [professional] acne products. With monitoring, we can work to keep the skin balanced while the body continues to change.

By the way, I know what all of our mothers and grandmothers said, but — food does NOT cause acne! Oil production is based on hormones and genetics, not the oil you consume. It is, however, necessary to be mindful of the hormones IN our food, dairy being a common culprit.

For adults, products geared toward acne are almost never appropriate. Let’s talk about congested skin.

Congested skin appears thick, dull, has stretched out pores and often lots of blackheads. It happens because of poor skincare. Period. Often adults try acne products to clear this up, when in reality it is stripping your skin and causing even more oil to be produced.

So, what IS going to help congested skin?

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times – wash your face! Use products that are appropriate for your skin type, wash your face twice a day, keep any outside oils from your skin, and exfoliate regularly. After years of not caring for your skin properly, it can be difficult to figure out your skin type and select appropriate products. Leave THAT to the professionals. 😉

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