Brazilian Wax FAQs

So, you’re finally having your first Brazilian wax!
Or, maybe it’s been a while and you just need a refresher on how to prepare yourself.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome in!

(Yes, I offer a Male Brazilian Wax as well!)

I’ve tried to list out here the most common questions I hear before a first wax. Of course, if there is anything else that you are still wondering about, let me know!

What exactly is a Brazilian?

Traditionally, getting a Brazilian wax means that all of the hair (from front to back) is removed. This isn’t set in stone! We will remove as much hair as you are comfortable with.

Will it hurt?

Honestly? Yes, it will hurt some.  The pain varies from person to person, but every first timer has one thing in common: It’s NEVER as bad as she thought it would be! There are some steps you can take if you are still worried.

  • Take a dose of ibuprofen about an hour before your appointment
  • Avoid caffeine or alcohol in the 24 hours before your appointment.

Why am I doing this again?!?

  • Your Brazilian wax will last 3-6 weeks, dependant upon your hair growth. When you first start waxing, four weeks is ideal. This way, we can train your hair cycle, and that will help your skin stay smoother for longer.
  • When hair does start to return, it will not come in prickly or itchy.
  • If you maintain a regular waxing routine, you will notice that your hair growth is reduced permanently. That’s right, it’s true!
  • Dealing with ingrown hairs? Ugh, I understand. Waxing is definitely the best option. You should also consider Tend Skin.
  • Do we not have enough to do in the shower? Let’s cross shaving off that list!

How should I arrive to my appointment?

Your hair length is important.

  • Generally speaking, you need ¼ inch of hair for the wax to be able to remove. However, the time you allow your hair to grow is more important than the length of the few hairs you see – Make sure you haven’t shaved or trimmed in a minimum of two weeks, but three if you can make it.
  • If your hair is TOO long, you will need to trim before arriving. For hygiene purposes, I do not trim in the salon. There is just no way to be sure of where every single tiny hair has gone. I would not want to encounter a strange hair, and I’m sure you would agree!
  • Loose fitting clothing is best. Cotton underwear will help you stay clean and dry.
  • I will, of course, wipe your skin with an antiseptic before waxing – but you should make sure to be as clean or “fresh” as possible. Waxing leaves pores vulnerable for a short time, and having the least bacteria on the skin will limit possible reactions.
  • If you are on your period, be sure to wear a fresh, clean tampon.

What happens during my appointment?

Appointments are scheduled for a 30 minute block, but things usually go more quickly!

  • We’ll meet! I’ll ask you questions about your skin and history to ensure that you are ready for a wax.
  • You will be provided with a towel to drape yourself. I’ll step out of the room to allow you some privacy, and you will undress  from the waist down.
  • We wax. This could take 15 to 30 minutes. We can move along at the pace you are comfortable with. I will start with the labia – this area is the most sensitive, so let’s get it out of the way! After the first few minutes, it just keeps getting easier.
  • You get dressed. You made it through, it was easier than you thought, and you love the feeling – so let’s book your next appointment.

What should I do after my Brazilian wax?

There are some precautions to take for the 24-48 hours after your wax.

  • Continue with “clean and dry” – cotton underwear and loose clothing.
  • Cool/lukewarm bathing is of course fine, but no hot baths, showers, saunas, hot tubs, or steam treatments. No swimming, either.
  • No tanning! Although this is never a good idea, it is especially important at this time.
  • Do your best to limit perspiration. No Gym, or other exercise. No sexual activity. (I know, I know!)
  • Avoid lotions, creams, or powders, and limit panty liner usage.
  • Let me know what you thought of your service! I want to make the experience as wonderful as possible for you, as well as all clients!

Healthy Skin is Beautiful Skin.

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